Nowadays, improve of social network growing rapidly, some popular social networks  become the media to find attention, communication, businesses and sharing , it is become the part of daily necessity. Sharing comments,photo or links become today habitual activity.

Talk about the links, URL shorteners, like or, have become a popular way for people to share links on Twitter while taking up as few of the allotted 140 characters as possible. But saving space is just one of the benefits that shorteners provide.Others include getting traffic analytics like how many people are sharing links from which sites.

After the competition relies on search engines, now the competition begins to shift to URL shorten application. This application discussed again after the giant announced their own version of shorten URL. and Facebook and Google with the emergence of has made the hot seat for a moment to move from search engine providers to shorten the URL.

Google has put their official announcement on the blog and give a very brief explanation, but is quite ‘sharp’, for the and another URL shorten application. offer 3 important points early in the emergence of Google’s shorten URL : stability, security and speed, all of which are reasonable considering to the power of Google itself.

URL shortening service, called makes increasing sense as a Facebook feature, because the site is trying to be more open and connected to other web sites and Internet-connected devices. Facebook recently began automatically shortening URLs that appear in its mobile interface.

Before going further we should know the definition of URL shortener
According to wiki, URL Shortener is a technique on the World Wide Web where a provider makes a web page available under a very short URL in addition to the original address. For Example;jsessionid=abcNiE14qwHJS6Fr-PFzs?ss=10117&rt=30&id=264278060 can be shortened to

pic of URL shortener implementation

Shorten URLs, not only to make the link so that fit to be placed in the box to update Twitter,but  as a real-time content that now hold power, shorten URL become applications that can not be separated from Twitter and other real-time application. Packed with statistics that tell how many links it has in the click, as well as some other analytic functions add more value to Shorten URL Application, Not to mention the real-time site aggregators like TweetMeme also helped increase the popularity of the application shorten the URL.

But the emergence and also responded by As one of most popular shorten URL, recently they launched Pro application, which allows companies or individuals using their own names as domain names to shorten the URL, such as dlys.os, or wi.ku. This is an announcement that directly makes back there one step ahead.

Instead become tool to shortener site address, for brand owners who use social media as one of their communication URL Shortener is a way of introducing the name of the company, thereby shorten a URL address can be customize  with the company name  this is the road to build company credibility and branding.

Here’s come NEW CHALLENGE!
The emergence of , and pro, show how the conditions of a real-time application war and next steps from the Internet. After all people be more social, now needs to be done next is to create homemade  URL shortener.

YouTube, now following the footsteps of its ‘foster father’ Google to create their own shorten URL. Through YouTube  blog officially announced that their URL Shortener address as This application is still limited only to the videos from YouTube.

The real-time content can be likened to forest jungle sometimes make us retweet the links that we do not really want, and  it is time for spam to go through the links which has been shortened and appears safe, but actually contains a virus or content that we do not want , with YouTube URL Shortener you can avoid it all. When you see a link, then you are convinced that the links you click the video comes from YouTube. Besides this URL from YouTube allows developers to see how the video was spread in real-time, because of the YouTube URL Shortener is already included YouTube video ID of the concerned.

How does it works?
You simply replace the URL with the URL Shortener from YouTube,for example :
– You have this link “
– Simply change the main url : “” with “”
– Then it should be like this “”

This application can be used through autoshare applications too, you can set up social networks which would you use to to share your videos.

URL Shortener not only become trend, but also had been turned into battlefield by internet giant. Now it depend on our preferences what kind of URL Shortener we would use.